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My name is Samantha and I like to create sweet art and handcrafted treasures. I like monsters and robots and making stuff out of salvaged and recycled timber and fabrics. Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

For the love of birds...

I've been drawing heaps lately, fitting it in here and there between school runs, lunch boxes, loads of washing and the baby girl who loves to be held and played with all day.

Lots of bird ideas are in my mind lately I think because I love the lines, the feathers, the wooden perches.  I also love how they snuggle.  The mumma love illustration above is inspired by a sweet lady I know who's recently journeyed through a tiring pregnancy and delivered safely her baby girl.  What a time that is, holding your firstborn.....

The girls are still around amongst all the birds....wearing collars of doily sweet lace and hair all a'curl.  This is Ursula.  She looks a bit grumpy but she's not, she's just quiet.


  1. Hi Samantha! Stopping by from creative courage. :) I absolutely LOVE those bird drawings!! So detailed and beautiful. Love them!

  2. I haven't been around for a year or so, so it has been nice to catch up on all things Jetta's Nest and Sam. Your little girl is gorgeous! :)


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