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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Frida vs. Suzy

Over the last couple of days, I've been working like crazy to finish off my pieces for the Viva la Frida Exhibition which opens this Friday.  With the illustrations finished the time had come to cut them out....eeek!!  I was totally nervous about doing this but the rectangle pieces of recycled ply that I'd used just weren't doing it for me.

Poor old Suzy hasn't had a run in a while and looking at these pictures I noticed just how dusty and unloved she looks.

The first cut was the hardest but as soon as I started going I knew Suzy was up to the job.

Once cut, each piece needs to be hand sanded to smooth and round the edges.  It's dusty work which makes my nose fill with nasty sandusty boogers.  Mr Jetta's Nest tells me regularly that I must wear a mask while doing it but it's so uncomfortable!

Three pieces done!  I'm so excited and nervous about this exhibition and I can hardly believe that I'm involved.  It's on at the Circle Gallery at West End from 9-18 March and features works from over 25 Brisbane artists including printmakers, painters, jewellers, photographers and sculptors.   If you want more info on it head over here and you can also read more about it on the BrisStyle blog!

Wish me luck :)


  1. Oh goodness! I need these in my life. Amazing work. Just incredible! And the last one with the antlers. *dies* You are on top form Sam. Congratulations - I can't wait to see them in person.

  2. They look really, REALLY amazing, Sam. Nice work!

  3. They look amazing Sam! I'll have to head in and see the exhibition soon

  4. That Frida with the horns has my name on it...I'm serious!
    ps pleeeeease put the mask on!

  5. Fuck you are talented. Oops, did I just swear? You are bloody awesome. I did it again. Amazingly creative and clever, you are.

    Good luck. Wear the mask. Find one that fits better.

  6. I really like your drawings & favorited some on Etsy! :)


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