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My name is Samantha and I like to create sweet art and handcrafted treasures. I like monsters and robots and making stuff out of salvaged and recycled timber and fabrics. Thanks for visiting!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Once upon a time...

Wash Your Fruit Snow White - A2 sized Watercolour, Ink and Pencil SOLD
Yesterday was the final day of the Once Upon a Time Fairytale Exhibition that I was very excited to have participated in.  I pushed myself a little out of my comfort zone for this exhibition and tried a few things I've never done before but firstly let me introduce you to my biggest piece of the show.  It's Snow White complete with seven dwarfs and a dagger through her heart.  The words in the background are from a very old Grimm's Fairytale book which I wrote in pencil before I framed her up in a poster sized black frame.  I was lucky enough to meet her new owner today.  A lady named Kristy from Sydney who's going to hang her at the top of her staircase!

Here's a few detail shots....

detail with dwarfs

I also made some art dolls (this is the part where I was out of my comfort zone completely!  All up I made Snow White, a woodsman, Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.  I wanted to make heaps more but I just didn't get time!  They were so much fun to make I'll definitely be making more....

a tiny little apple made from salvaged brown pine
Snow White on an antique salvaged Crows Ash base - SOLD

Snow White skirt detail

The Woodsman with tiny Brown Pine axe - I love this guy!

Little Red and the Wolf - SOLD

Snow White - SOLD
I want to say a massive thank you to Shelley, BJ and Kaye who are the Creative Activists.  They organise these events (remember the Frida exhibition from last year) and are just amazing women.  I love their energy and they always make me feel like my work is a bit's always nice to see them that's for sure!

Now it's time to pick a theme of my own and stick to it I think to create a pile of art for maybe a little exhibition of my own....maybe, just maybe one day :)  Any suggestions??

Friday, June 21, 2013

About a boy....2 boys in fact!

Today I thought I'd join in with a whole host of other bloggers and blog about how lovely boys can be. There's been a whole lot of bad stuff done by men in the media lately so it's a bit nice to focus on the lovely ones in our lives instead.....

There was a lovely photo here of my two boys that I've had to remove because some creep in America was sending it around to babysitters saying they were his adopted boys.

I have two little boys in my life.  The first one, my biggest boy is 8.  He's a very complicated and determined little person.  He's always done everything his own way including his birth (he was posterior, it was very difficult but he doesn't like doing things the same way as everyone else so in hindsight it was to be expected).  He was sitting at 4 months and walking at 9 months.  By his first birthday he was running and looked like a 2 year old instead of a 1 year old, he's always been in a hurry to grow up.  He practiced walking up and down steps for hours until he got it right.  We did baby sign-language and by 2 he had over 200 signs.  This biggest boy of mine is different from every person I know but so familiar to me as I see so much of me as a child in him.  All the traits I wish I didn't have, he has...he worries, he gets anxious and he's as stubborn as a mule.  On the flip side, he's so very clever and a very good reader.  He's silly and funny but only in private and loyal beyond belief.  He feels things from his fingertips to his toes and he knows right from wrong.  He's a good big brother to the littlest boy and our little Xanadu who runs to him when she needs a cuddle.  One day I know he'll be a sweet, caring and loving man with lots of big ideas who'll do good things and I can't wait to watch him grow.

My littlest boy came along 2 years and 4 months later.  These boys of mine are like chalk and cheese.  The littlest boy loves to sleep and snuggle and wishes he could stay little forever.  He yearns for the 'old days' where he could stay home with me instead of going to school.  The littlest boy cries on his birthday eve because he doesn't like to get older (he likes the presents and cake though!) and hates losing teeth (more signs of getting older, although once again he likes the tooth fairy to visit).  He's my little Romeo, filled with love and sweet words.  He's noisy and silly and so very funny.  He makes friends with everyone and loves homemade shorts!  He never second guesses himself and trusts his intuition 100%.  I know he'll be a wonderful, sweet, thoughtful man and like the biggest boy, I can't wait to watch him grow.

I have two brothers too who are quite a bit younger than me so boys were not unfamiliar to me when I had my own.  Boys are great really and if we all do our best to teach them how to be great men, there will be more great men in this world of ours.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Trying new things...

So it seems there have been no Mondays since April....who would have thought that I'd forget my 'post on Monday's' blog promise.

I've been trying some Mixed Media techniques out lately and I'm loving it so much.  It's a great way for me to do backgrounds that mean something.  My first piece is a little portrait of my biggest boy.  8 this year and complicated beyond belief!  I think sometimes that his brain is far too big for his body but one day the two shall meet and all will be good :)

I incorporated some of his many artworks into the background as well as some of his spelling lists from last years homework book.  You can just see a little robot above his head in the picture above.

It was a fun process and I'm itching to do more....

Oh...the biggest boy said, 'It's actually pretty good, Mum.  It looks exactly like me.'  I couldn't have asked for a better response!

Monday, April 29, 2013

It's Monday!

Holy toledo's, I remembered to blog on a Monday!  Ok, so I didn't really remember.  I'm supposed to be working right now and I got distracted and decided to look at my blog and saw what I said in my last post and realised it was Monday and thought I'd better get cracking!

There's general craziness in my little neck of the woods at the moment.  I've got my first market for the year in two weeks (yikes!).  It's a BrisStyle indie Market in the newly refurbished City Hall.  It's indoors which is lovely and I'm really looking forward to it (need to get cracking!!).

My little corner is a crazy mess of paintings just begun (can you guess who this will be?), necklaces nearly made and brooches blank and sanded.  Organisation is not my strongest point.  I'm a fly by the seat of my pants type of girl and I'm not sure that's working for me just at the minute.  I need to write a list...tomorrow.

Friday, April 19, 2013


Gosh and all that.  It's been 7 months since I last blogged.  Unfortunately as blogs do in these busy times, mine fell off my radar replaced by work and family hijinks.  In an effort to organise myself (who am I kidding??) I'm going to try and blog on Mondays.  Uhuh, sounds like a plan except today's Friday!  

Anywhooo, I've been making a few bits and pieces but mainly drawing lots and getting ready for some exciting exhibitions!  There's lots on my mind at the moment as I decide whether to concentrate on art pieces or the little pieces.  It's hard not to do both but little Xanadu leaves my without the luxury of time.

I just listed this little fella in my Etsy store, Jetta's Nest.  They're a bit special because they are going to be a limited run.  There's only 3 in the whole wide world at the moment so this little guy is a rare species!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

For the love of birds...

I've been drawing heaps lately, fitting it in here and there between school runs, lunch boxes, loads of washing and the baby girl who loves to be held and played with all day.

Lots of bird ideas are in my mind lately I think because I love the lines, the feathers, the wooden perches.  I also love how they snuggle.  The mumma love illustration above is inspired by a sweet lady I know who's recently journeyed through a tiring pregnancy and delivered safely her baby girl.  What a time that is, holding your firstborn.....

The girls are still around amongst all the birds....wearing collars of doily sweet lace and hair all a'curl.  This is Ursula.  She looks a bit grumpy but she's not, she's just quiet.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Etsy Craft Party 2012

On Friday night I had the pleasure of helping out some lovely crafty BrisStyle friends (hi Bel, hi Sandrine) in hosting our very own Etsy Craft Party!  We hosted alongside the BrisStyle indie Twilight Market in King George Square and I tell you, it was so much crazy, crafty fun!

(yeah, I know, it's an awesome sign...!!)
The theme for this year was 'Wish you were here!' and so we had piles of lovely maps and old atlases and books on Australia and Brisbane for people to chop away to the hearts content to make lovely handmade postcards.  I was amazed by the creativity, young and old, boys and girls, everyone had something fantastic to take home at the end of their visit.

(photo prop fun)

(craft frenzy)
At a couple of stages during the night we had people lining up to join in the crafty fun, it got so was such a fun, community-minded activity to be a part of and was made even more special to know that it was an event happening all around the world over the hours that followed!

(nothing like getting the mo ready for a big night out)